Representing Those Who Keep Government Accountable.


Jeff Robinson

 "Michele L. Earl-Hubbard and the staff from Allied Law Group have been exceptional in their service to and dealings with the Daily Record. We have frequently consulted Allied on articles which we felt needed their lawyers' pre-publication advice, and they have helped us work through all of our concerns in a timely manner."  

John Brewer

 "Michele L. Earl-Hubbard is simply outstanding in her knowledge and defense of Media and First Amendment issues."  

David Zeeck

 "Michele Earl-Hubbard is a first-rate communications/media/First Amendment adviser and litigator."  

Patrick T. Dunleavy, Author & Freelance Journalist

 "Allied Law Group provided excellent representation for me on a first amendment issue of national significance. Michele and her team were always available for consultation. Their diligent research of case law and relevant statutes proved the deciding factor in defending against a frivolous lawsuit designed to intimidate any independent writer. Michele's confidence in the facts and the ultimate outcome of the case was contagious and provided me with the assurance that the truth would win out." 

Chuck Allen, Publisher

 "Allied Law Firm helped us greatly when we were in desperate need of legal advice. Michele and her partners and associates were responsive to our questions and vigorously worked to protect the freedom of speech given to our newspaper by state and federal law. I would highly recommend them to any publisher seeking legal advice."  

Bill Will, General Manager

 "Michele is on the top of a short list of the finest open-government attorneys in Washington State. Her intelligence, experience, and doggedness aren't the only reasons. What sets her apart is her commitment to the bedrock concept of open-government: we the taxpayers are the boss of public agencies; they are not the boss of us. Government conducts the public's business on the public's dime, and they are accountable to us. Michele doesn't simply advocate that position in court, she lives and breathes it."  

Stedem Wood, Publisher


"Allied Law Group has given us good advice and, when needed, represented us well on access to government information and other issues." 

Trade associations and public interest groups

Jason Mercier

 "To hold government accountable you need to carry a big stick while at the same time be able to persuade public officials to do the right thing. Allied Law Group is using its policy and legal expertise to do both effectively. Under the watchful eye of Allied Law, government will no longer be able to rest easy assuming violations of the law will go uncontested."  

Breean Beggs

 "Allied Law Group helped enforce our rights to open government quickly and effectively. They knew the law, promptly investigated the facts and leveraged our position to help us achieve great results. Most importantly, I always felt that I was a part of the team."  

William Maurer

 "When it comes to public records, few are as knowledgeable as Allied Law Group. They are one of the best resources out there for getting documents to which you are legally entitled."  

Lynn Harsh, CEO

 "As a government watchdog, the Freedom Foundation relies on the ability to review government actions and records. Michele has provided us with valuable representation and counsel in navigating the Public Records Act. Her experience gives her a unique perspective on obtaining public documents. The PRA states: 'The people insist on remaining informed so that they may maintain control over the instruments that they have created,' and Allied Law Group is especially effective because of Michele's devotion to this ideal."  


Tom Bierlein | The Bierlein Law Office

 "When faced with an obstructionist opponent in the form of a major municipality we turned to the Allied Law Group to guide us through the complicated field of public disclosure law. As a result of their team's brilliant efforts we were able to achieve justice for our clients. It would not have happened without their caring expertise."  

Joan Mell

 "As a civil litigator, I am routinely looking for documentation to support my client's position whether the dispute is over a job, a contract, entitlements, or personal injuries. Allied Law Group knows how to locate and obtain supporting documentation for litigation that government has generated long before the case ever goes to trial. Allied Law Group provides the advantage of document production outside the formal discovery process. Allied can find information that you and the adverse party may not know about. Any time I need a smoking gun, I turn to Allied."  

Timothy Harris, General Counsel

 "Allied Law Group attorneys have some of the most creative legal minds I've seen. There is nothing cookie-cutter about how they approach a legal problem. They roll up their sleeves, fight like mad (but fairly), and enjoy themselves. I like working with lawyers who love what they do."  


William Clark, Co-Founder

 "Litigation is never easy, but I knew we were in good hands with the firm as our Washington counsel. They cared about my case, clearly knew the law and were tenacious about getting the results I was after."  

Ed Clark, CPA

 "Two things I look for in a law firm are knowledge and execution. The attorneys in this firm have an encyclopedic knowledge of the laws they work with. Their experience means I don't have to pay to reinvent the wheel. Allied does my work promptly and thoroughly. They are very responsive."  


Kimberly Hendrickson

 "I highly recommend Allied Law, and particularly its principal, Michele Earl Hubbard. I found myself in the unfortunate position of witnessing improper activity by my city government. Michele helped me understand my rights and options as a whistleblower, particularly relating to state open government laws. Michele has the knowledge and connections to assist citizens who hold public officials accountable. She works creatively, strategically and efficiently to stay within a limited budget."

Yanling Yu

 "The attorneys at Allied Law Group are very professional and knowledgeable about the law. When I first approached them for assistance, they made a very objective proposal based on the Washington State statutes. They dug into my case and gave me timely and expert advice. They also provided a very detailed billing. All costs were well within their estimates. I highly recommend these professionals to anyone who has problems with a request of public records from government agencies."  

Paul Courant, University of Michigan.

 "Earl-Hubbard helped us to navigate a tricky problem from 2,000 miles away, and got the right outcome against a much larger and well-heeled adversary."