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Allied Law Group is frequently brought in by other lawyers to handle an appeal or litigation, regulatory or legislative action outside of the lawyers’ practice areas. Put our unique knowledge to work for your client.

Plaintiffs’ attorneys whose clients have liability, employment, or other claims against a state or local government often need access to public records because these documents can be the key to the case. Agencies often fight vigorously to prevent disclosure. That’s where we come in. You can decide how much or how little we will be involved in your case. We can provide strategic advice, consultations as the public records requests progress, or litigate the Public Records Act portion of your client’s case. You decide.

We are often retained as appellate counsel to assist trial court counsel, including assisting during the trial court phase for matters expected to be appealed to assure an adequate record is created and appellate issues are preserved.

We frequently assist clients when their current counsel cannot represent them because their organization represents another client that creates a conflict or the claims pose a positional conflict for the existing firm. We understand the importance of the original attorney client relationship and do not poach clients or seek to steal them away from referring lawyers. We know our job is to treat your clients well, make you look good for sending them to us, and return them to you when a matter ends.

We also gladly accept referrals on media law, regulatory and general litigation, and legislative matters.

Contact us and see if we can help.

Contact us and see if we can help.