Representing Those Who Keep Government Accountable.

About Allied Law Group


 First and foremost, we focus on just a few areas of the law: civil appellate law, media and First Amendment law, open government laws, regulatory litigation, legislation and general litigation. Second, we are very experienced and widely-known in these areas of the law. Third, we do not represent  government agencies or those seeking to sue for defamation or invasion of privacy.  This keeps us free from conflicts of interests and keeps us one one "side" at all times: that of the public's, that of free speech, that of open and accountable government.


We consciously decided to keep overhead to a minimum and focus on the clients and laws we love. This keeps costs down and allows us to respond to our clients needs quickly and efficiently.

We do not represent government agencies seeking to restrict access to information. We do not represent those seeking to bring defamation or invasion of privacy  lawsuits. We can assist clients in most other matters and comprehend that our role is to understand the client’s needs and assist with finding timely and practical solutions to their issues whether in court or out.

We think our low overhead, expertise, and the absence of government-client conflicts of interest allow us to take on important cases no other firm could. That’s why we built our law firm from scratch.


 Allied Law Group accepts projects large and small. While we are lean and efficient, we have alliances with attorneys and firms to assist us on larger projects. Allied Law Group leverages the experience of its principal attorneys with a team of excellent as-needed attorneys to take on projects of any size.