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 Allied Law Group focuses its practice on Appellate Law, 

Media and First Amendment Law, Open Government Law,

Regulatory Litigation and Legislation, and General Litigation.  

 The Firm has been named by U.S. News and World Report as a "Best Law Firm" for Media and First Amendment Law  every year since the rankings began. Its President Michele Earl-Hubbard has been named the 2014 Best Lawyers Lawyer of the Year for First Amendment Law for the Seattle Metropolitan Region and a "Best Lawyer in America" for Media and First Amendment Law every year since 2007, and also for Media and First Amendment Litigation in 2012. 

Appellate Law

 The attorneys at Allied Law Group have handled numerous appeals at all levels of the state and federal appellate courts. Its attorneys are admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, the United States Courts of Appeals for the Ninth and Sixth Circuits, the United States District Courts for the Western and Eastern Districts of Washington, and the Washington State Supreme Court and all three Divisions of the Washington State Courts of Appeal. 

Media and First Amendment Law

 Allied Law Group assists clients in all aspects of Media and First Amendment law including defense of claims of defamation and invasion of privacy,  defense pursuant to journalist shield laws and quashing of subpoenas, and prosecution and defense of copyright, trademark and trade dress law rights.  Allied Law Group also routinely reviews news stories, broadcasts, books or films in advance of release to assist in preventing liability. Michele Earl-Hubbard is very experienced in this field and has served numerous news and entertainment media clients throughout her career. 

Open Government Law 

  •   Public Records Act 

The Public Records Act requires state agencies and local governments to promptly turn over documents to the public upon request (with limited exceptions). Allied Law Group’s principal attorney, Michele Earl-Hubbard is one of the best-known Public Records Act attorney in the state. The firm assists clients: 


  • Formulating records requests.
  • Assessing the legal validity of agency responses to requests.
  • Working to informally and quickly resolve disputes with agencies.
  • Sending demand letters to obtain records.
  • Filing suit against agencies to obtain records.
  • Litigating public record case appeals.

  Additional public records services include:  

  •  Anonymous requests. Some clients want to maintain anonymity when requesting records to avoid tipping off the agency. For these clients, Allied Law Group can make public records requests under its name. The client’s identity would only be revealed with client’s permission if a suit is later filed. 

  •   Open Public Meetings Act 

The Open Public Meetings Act requires the decision-making bodies of local governments and some state agencies to hold open public meetings (in most cases), provide notice, and follow specific open-meetings procedures when making decisions for the agencies. Allied Law Group's attorneys are very experienced with the Open Public Meeting Act. 

  •   Access to Courts 

The state and federal constitutions and court rules require courts to allow public access to most court proceedings and records, and allow the media the right to film and televise some proceedings. Allied Law Group routinely advises clients in gaining access to proceedings and records and also represents clients in cases to unseal court files. We have significant court access experience.

  Regulatory Litigation and Legislation 

  •  Regulatory Litigation 

When clients are adversely affected by a potentially unlawful regulation and wants to challenge it in court, there are few attorneys who know how to win these difficult cases. Adding to the client’s problem is the fact that many law firms represent some government agencies, which can create conflicts of interest. Regulatory litigation often involves simultaneous legal, public policy, and public relations issues, but few attorneys understand the interplay between them. Allied Law Group, which avoids representation of government clients, is well-positioned to assist those challenging regulations.  

  •  Legal Work for Lobbyists

Lobbying often involves significant legal analysis of current law and the impact of proposed laws. Sometimes lobbyists confront a legal issue outside their fields of expertise. Allied Law Group serves as the “lobbyist's lawyers,” drafting legislation and preparing legal analysis for lobbyists and their clients.  

  •  Lobbying

Allied Law Group will provide lobbying services for clients in special circumstances.  

 Mediations, Arbitrations and General Litigation

Many disputes are now settled outside of court because mediation and arbitration are quicker and cheaper. Recognized as knowledgeable and experienced in open-government and media law, Allied Law Group is uniquely qualified to mediate and arbitrate disputes involving these specialized laws.  

Allied Law Group's attorney have handled numerous lawsuits on a wide variety of subjects. Well-honed trial and negotiation skills built in courts, mediations, arbitrations, administrative proceedings, and private negotiations over the course of nearly three decades allow the Firm to represent clients in any litigation matter not posing a conflict of interest for another matter within the Firm.